We at Bigbag Fresh aim to give back to the community by sharing part of our revenues to our partner charities and scholars. This part of our corporate social responsibility tenet and is still under development.

The way Bigbag Food Bank works is that you can shop for items that you want to share to our partner charitable institutions or scholars. You can choose as to whom you want to donate your items to. If you choose our scholars for example, anything you bought from the site will be delivered to them and will help them on their nutritional needs. This is one way you can directly impact on the lives of other people, especially the less fortunate.

Bigbag Fresh believes that a nutritionally sound individual contributes to the overall economic success of the nation. Help us realize this dream of building a generation of healthy Filipinos.

JM Mariano | Founder and CEO, Bigbag Fresh

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Due to change of management, the store is currently unavailable. We will announce in our official Facebook Page when we finally resume. Thank you for your understanding.